Bobby Zoppi ­
Bobby has been a lead singer/songwriter for many years. He has had 3 major recording contracts in the music business starting with Qwest/Warner Brothers Records

in the 90's, Warner/Chappel publishing and MCA/Universal records in 2000. He was nationally recognized by Billboard magazine for his voice and MCA debut record.

Bobby had a single that was on the radio in various markets around the country and has continued to hone his voice.Bobby's current project "The Corduroys" is

rooted in Bobbys early roots in country music. He grew up listening to the likes of George Jones, Randy Travis, George Straight but has also been influence by

Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts and is currently a big fan of Floridia Georgia Line, Kenny Chesney, Luke Brian amongst others. The Corduroys perform many

of the old school hits as well as current country/rock on the radio and a few originals...